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Past, although not the very least, Mr. Jordan skillfully cross-examined the Exclusive Agent who took a prepared assertion from Mr. Jordan's shopper. This wasn't the standard cross-assessment involving the interrogation strategies employed by investigators. Actually, Mr. Jordan endorsed the Special Agent's strategies and expertise so as to get at the truth. The Government needed to get the Consumer's assertion into proof so as to demonstrate up Fake official assertion.

By securing a locally submitted GOMOR on behalf of the officer, he won't be subjected on the stigma and headache of the Board of Inquiry.

Sussn – I empathize, but allow me to share what I uncovered. The “other facet from the coin,” so to talk: Mid-to-late 50s Adult men generally find it easier to date early to mid 40s women rather than women their own individual age. Why? All those in their unique age bracket ended up far “pickier” as opposed to 40-somethings simply because Those people younger women “were being, single, with Children, and an agenda.

I examine your final couple of replies and agree with you about sticking for your values. Tend not to Permit any person make you're feeling differently.

Shopper was provided a normal officer memorandum of reprimand for allegedly promoting hazing and for allegedly failing to report a serious incident report. Shopper is a health-related Qualified who was in command of a group. Soon after extensive investigation of the situation, we ended up ready to ascertain that the person alleged to are actually hazed mentioned himself that he knew he was not remaining hazed.

The commanding standard issued him a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) for his likely mishandling of The key paperwork. Right after thinking of all proof brought forth, Mr. Jordan drafted an apology assertion for your CPT's review and signature. The apology statement and character witness statements ended up submitted for the chain of command for their suggestions into the commanding common for his disposition on the GOMOR.

The Command recognized that the accuser was really flirting with my Client. It absolutely was the accuser who was in the wrong and was inspired for numerous good reasons to generate a Fake claim. Right after examining most of the proof that we presented towards the Command, the Command finally dropped ALL OF The costs. It really is interesting to point out that Generally investigators would've adequate for at least sexual harassment within a case including this.

The Consumer was accused of employing crack cocaine by a fellow shipmate who was currently being questioned by CGIS. The investigation involved tests, an invasive look for of his residence in conjunction with several recurring attempts to acquire a press release. Consumer followed Mr. Jordan's advice for the letter.

The complaining witness was taken towards the medical center inside minutes just after she claims she was sexually assaulted. The DNA very only tells a different story. The DNA analysis particularly EXCLUDES our client’s DNA profile from being within her vagina. Our customer’s non-semen DNA profile was only famous on her pubic mound. The DNA Evaluation also exhibits that there's an mysterious contributor to semen DNA In the complaining witness’s vagina.

i don’t invest in that at all. You may meet anyone at any age. I know lots of women around 50 who’ve begun and saved good relationships

Nonetheless, the situation also confirmed that the majority of the charges eventually amounted to horseplay and weren't in reality assaults. Sad to say, under the UCMJ, an assault is any undesired touching. Thankfully, the situation wasn't as egregious as The federal government counsel hoped.

An uncontested divorce is The best way to finish your relationship. In this particular manual, we'll reveal the choices you'll need to create and steps to finish through the entire divorce approach.

The case revealed that Consumer experienced received a GOMOR for the same expenses she confronted at Courts Martial. Multiple soldiers accused our Consumer of assaulting, and maltreating them. The situation Evidently confirmed that there have been some personality conflicts and here that Consumer possible was way too accustomed to the Soldiers.

If you don't are now living in a Group house condition then a courtroom will make your mind up how you can best divide house and assets among you and your husband or wife during the fairest (though not always completely equivalent) possible fashion.

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